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Family Rides

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Toy Train

The toy train has eight bogies powered by diesel engine. Listen to rhythmic music and enjoy the sights and sounds while travelling through the Park.


Family Carousal

It’s family time! Here you can experience an enjoyable family ride with 64 different sized horses on board that gains speed when the platform rotates. This is the ultimate virtual horse ride! Gallop on!


Cable Car

Take a stroll up a hill to experience one of the eight gondolas. Each gondola has space for four. You will travel from one end to other & back, where you can get a panoramic view of many of the rides and attractions. For all this time, you might just end up feeling like the ruler of the world!


River cave

This is a scary one! One of the most popular rides in the park, it is the first dark ride in India. Fear the unknown as you await your turn in the boat. The paddle wheel churns the water, which propels the boat into the canal. Suddenly, you find yourself inside a cave surrounded by dinosaurs, volcanic eruptions and a forest fire. As the boat takes a bend, a big T-Rex lunges to get you.


Paddle Boat

Enjoy a family outing or take a break from touring and soak up some sun in your very own paddle boats. Step into one of the forty, four seated boats at the Paddle Boat jetty and take a ride. These streamlined FRP hull shaped boats gives easy maneuverability and control with the accessibility of cycling.


Lazy River Ride

As the name of the ride suggests, your raft is transported along a canal and for 10 minutes you could forget about cares and worries.


Crazy Tea party ride

Thrills take an entirely new meaning with our Crazy Tea Party Ride. Join the madness with your family, this first of its kind ride in India is sure to be everyone’s cup of tea !



Have a monkey as your friend on this ride. Don’t believe it? Come and see for yourself.



A ride for all age groups. Feeling of Dancing in the whirlpool.