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Take a stroll up a hill to experience one of the eight gondolas. Each gondola has space for four. You will travel over Paddle Boat Lake, where you can get a panoramic view of many of the rides and attractions. For all this time, you might just end up feeling like the ruler of the world!

Spin into a twirling frenzy of rotating colours. Meant for our tiniest customers who like to boat with their friends.

Do you have fear of flying? This is the real test. The Flying Saucer gives you the feeling of flying. An exciting family ride with complete hydraulic operation for smooth control. Let us take you for a circular ride and on occasions it will take you up and down. The chairs have rotary motion in variable plane, providing ultimate fun.

A round shaped rotating deck with no centrifugal force, a visitor can sit on one of the 45 chairs at either the upper or lower level and will get an exclusive laser gun to shoot the targets and earn points.